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Orange Massilia Freestyle Cup

Hola amigos,

En paises desarrollados se compagina perfectamente la práctica deportiva con el baño en las playas. Es más, se dan facilidades para realizar eventos multitudinarios, en los que a pie de playa se realizaban competiciones y/o exhibiciones de Kitesurfing, BMX, skate, canoas, SUP, etc….

La idea era juntar los elementos agua tierra y aire y poner a prueba a los deportistas con diciplinas que no les son habituales.

Os dejo con la noticia literal más abajo para evitar manipulaciones subjetivas.




Issue 10

July 1st 2009






Naish E-News.Naish Rocks the Orange Massilia Freestyle CupSam Light takes 2nd Place in the Kiteboarding Events

 Borely Beach in the City of Marseille once again hosted the Orange Massilia Freestyle Cup from June 24th-28th. More than 50,000 people arrived to witness all the action based around the three natural elements (Water, Earth, and Air). Some of the best riders in world showed off their talents in Skate, Windsurf, BMX, Skydiving, Stand Up Paddling, Polynesian Canoeing, Red Bull Street Style, and Kiteboarding.

Unfortunately the wind blew itself out with a few 30-40 knot days before the competition, and left the riders to deal with the typical Mediteranean sunny summer days. The contest ended up being about who could make the crowd cheer and scream the loudest. Riders ended up using their 12m and 14m kites to bust out kiteloops, transistion taps on the beach, walking on water, and even a few double front mobe attempts by Sam Light. Florian Daubos (Naish, FR) was slidlined with a knee injury, but kept the crowd on fire as the official Kite Commentator. The action was good enough to make it onto the evening French news. In the end it came down to a tough call between Sam Light (Naish, UK) and Mallory De Villemarque… Congratulations to Sam for second and Mallory for the win.

Sjoukje Bredenkamp (Outright Female Speed Sailing World Record Holder: 90km/h on 500m) was the 2009 OMFC Event Ambassadress and secured the 6th place, and showed that girls can rule it as well in the world of kiteboarding. She also jumped out of an airplane during the event… crazy girl indeed!

Enjoy a few images of the event, and everyone there again next year.

Sjoukje makes the best of the non windy conditons.


Did we mention that LOTS of people showed up for the event?


Sjoukje was all smiles after returning to earth safely.


Skaters were not effected by the lack of wind and enjoyed the world class skate park.


Sam Light pulled out the big kites to give it his best in the Kiteboarding event.


The BMX’ers also fired it up in the skate pool.


Sam Light takes the 2010 Momentum for a spin.



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